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Hydraulic cylinders for Self-propelled sprayers

1. What is it?

A self-propelled sprayer is a farming machine used to spray crops with chemical treatments, pesticides or fertilisers. The characteristic element of most sprayers is the presence of an extensible bar with articulated trestles that fold back once the process is finished. The trestles may have a considerable extension.

The movement and extension of the bar is permitted by a number of hydraulic cylinders which open and close the tool. Other cylinders are used on the machine to stabilise the bar, control suspension, steering or other secondary functions, such as folding the cab access ladder.

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Self-propelled sprayers

2. The advantages of FAROIL

FAROIL has been the partner of self-propelled sprayer makers, from large multinationals to medium-small manufacturers, for many years. We can design and supply entire sets of hydraulic cylinders needed to configure the machine. This experience means that we can provide quick and competent answers implementing significant technical benefits.

High corrosion resistance

The atomised chemicals create a highly aggressive atmosphere for the bar components putting them at risk of corrosion and damage.FAROIL rods are made of certificated chrome steel and were subjected to 500 hours of testing in neutral salt spray chamber.

Cylinders are painted in-house to the highest standards. As a result, FAROIL hydraulic cylinders are particularly suited for operating in the aggressive atmosphere typical of this application.

High resistance to radial loads

The span of the spraying bar is a major lever burdening the actuating components. Weak materials or poor-quality welds can easily compromise the stability and integrity of the machine.

The high resistance to radial loads of FAROIL hydraulic cylinders is tried and tested and is a guarantee of reliability even in particularly critical points such as these.


Aggressive work atmosphere


High radial loads

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