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    Hydraulic cylinders for Skid steer loader

    1. What is it?

    A skid steer loader, on wheels or tracks, is a compact earth-moving machine which is often seen at work on small construction sites and road maintenance sites.

    Its small footprint, outstanding manoeuvrability and loader capacity make it appreciated and extremely versatile. The front loader is lifted by a pair of hydraulic cylinders located on the side of the cab. Other cylinders allow the rotation of the loader for loading or digging.

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    Skid steer loader

    2. The advantages of FAROIL

    Some of the largest global skid steer loader manufacturers have chosen FAROIL to supply the hydraulic cylinders of their machines for many years.

    This is because of our competitiveness but above all for the exceptional combination of quality of our products and customer service. Our strengths include customised, uniform supplies, punctual deliveries, excellent rapid reaction.

    High shock resistance

    Machines operating on construction sites are often struck by stones and gravel projected during the work. Sticks on the rod of the hydraulic cylinder can cause scratches and dents which can compromise seal and correct operation.

    Correct selection of materials is essential in all these situations: high-quality steel and tempering to ensure maximum durability. FAROIL can certify all these features and test them directly to further guarantee quality of suppliers.

    Production flexibility

    Our customers say that our organisation and equipment make the FAROIL plant one of the best for the production of hydraulic cylinders in Europe. Large semi-finished product store, robotised areas and twenty CNC turning centres, two in-house friction welding lines and two in-house painting lines.

    Our production capacity reaches 1200 cylinders a day. What does this mean for our customers? A reliable partner. Always.We can supply the assembly lines of each manufacturer following the specific requests at the required time with precision.

    Personalised service

    Working on measurements does not simply mean developing a project which exactly meets the customer's needs. It also means completing it with a service of equal level.

    Our in-house painting departments mean we can provide finished cylinders to manufacturers exactly in the RAL colour they want. Our logistics interacts closely with that of the customer.

    We have flushing stations so that we can provide each hydraulic cylinder tested and flushed to guarantee a very low degree of contamination already when it leaves the plant, if the customer wants.


    Tough working conditions


    Risk of shocks and dents

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