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    FAROIL everywhere

    Making mechanical components offers us the opportunity to see our cylinders used in a great variety of applications. Demanding from the technical and design point of view or just interesting, each application is always a new opportunity to enrich our technological know-how.

    Reference sectors

    From farming machinery to earth-moving machines, food-processing and access technologies, the power and accuracy of FAROIL hydraulic cylinders have been applied in all industrial sectors over the years.

    # Agricolture

    Self-propelled sprayers

    A self-propelled sprayer is a farming machine used to spray crops with chemical treatments, pesticides or fertilisers....


    A telehandler is a machine widely used in agriculture and constructions which is highly appreciated for its versatility...


    A modern seeder is a farming machine, usually with wheels or towed, used to sow seeds with high accuracy....

    Trailer axles

    The axle is a primary component of an agricultural trailer attached to the supporting frame. It can be equipped with suspension and braking system...

    # Earthmoving

    Wheel loader

    A wheel loader is a machine used for moving earth, sand or gravel on construction sites, often in particularly heavy duty conditions....


    A dumper is a heavy vehicle with a tipper body, normally used in quarries and mine or on construction sites to haul minerals and inert materials...

    Skid steer loader

    A skid steer loader, on wheels or tracks, is a compact earth-moving machine. It is practical and used worldwide...

    # Mobility

    Wheelchair lift

    A wheelchair lift is a device used to lift a wheelchair and its occupant to overcome an obstacle....

    # Industry

    Flat freezer

    A plate freezer is a device for freezing and reducing volume of fish and shellfish to prepare for storage on fishing vessels...

    # Urban facilities

    Road sweeper

    A road sweeper is a machine equipped with front rotating brushes designed to clean and sometimes wash horizontal surfaces...

    Beam barrier

    A beam barrier is a structure provided with a movable beam which is controlled to regulate access and vehicular traffic...

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