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Hydraulic cylinders for Wheelchair lift

1. What is it?

A wheelchair lift is a device used to lift a wheelchair and its occupant. These devices are widely used to ensure accessibility inside buildings, to climb entrance steps and flights of stairs, on vehicles and public transport, for instance.

The lifts are usually opened and actuated by a system based on hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders in this case are double-acting, compact in size and capable of supporting variable loads.

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Wheelchair lift

2. The advantages of FAROIL

FAROIL has specific experience in the production of hydraulic cylinders for wheelchair lifts, a complex sector which requires special design criteria. Years of experience have allowed FAROIL to become a supplier of recognised quality, capable of providing customers with a tailor-made response.


Wheelchair lifts and ramps are products in which safety and reliability are the key requirements.

These systems are used on a daily basis in very different climate conditions, in public spaces, such as hotels or restaurants, but also on means of transport, such as buses. It is therefore necessary for these lifts to work correctly. Always. To ensure continuity of service and safety to users.

FAROIL achieves superior reliability standards by using high-quality mechanical machining and assembly processes and also spot-testing the products.


Wheelchair lifts must be installed in small spaces. On vehicles, such as buses or minivans, the possibilities of integration can be very limited. For this reason, being compact is the solution for being functional.

That is why FAROIL constantly strives to reduce the size of hydraulic cylinders, in order to make design easier for customers.


High level of reliability required


Very small spaces

Very small spaces
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