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Hydraulic cylinders for Seeder

1. What is it?

A seeder is a farming machine, usually with wheels or towed, used to sow seeds for crops in the soil. These machines can operate with precision on various types of terrain and at various speeds, by using sophisticated pneumatic systems and hydraulic components which correct the position to ensure implement stability.

Hydraulic cylinders of different type are indispensable for opening and closing the machine for transport and for stabilising it.

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2. The advantages of FAROIL

FAROIL makes hydraulic cylinders for seeders and supplies them to many of market leaders specialised in this particular type of agricultural machine.

Our long experience has allowed us to respond promptly to the new challenges imposed by the sector and by continuous technological innovation over the years with the aim of providing unique products and guarantee high performance and durability.

Very high resistance to vibrations

FAROIL hydraulic cylinders installed on seeders operate regularly on rough ground specifically prepared for sowing. Precisely for this reason, FAROIL hydraulic cylinders for seeders are made exclusively with high-strength steel and are distinguished by high-quality welds capable of ensuring stability and avoiding faults or breakage.

Precision and reliability

The modern seeders must ensure high technical specifications: the seeds must be sown in depth and at precise clearance, because only in this way will the plants will be able to grow strong and healthy. Inaccurate sowing could cause rotting of some of the seeds or not guarantee the right amount of light to the sprout.

FAROIL has optimised the production flow over the years to ensure accuracy and reliability, offering products capable of ensuring optimal performance which is constant over time. This is possible as a result of the materials we use and our production processes, but also the tests and quality checks we perform every day on the finished products.


Rough and irregular ground


Very high required precision

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