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Hydraulic cylinders for Telehandler

1. What is it?

A telehandler is a machine widely used in agriculture and constructions which is highly appreciated for its versatility. Recognisable for a long telescopic boom, these machines are used for a variety of jobs by fitting a variety of tools.

Boom, tools, steering and stabilisers, required on larger models, are actuated by a series of hydraulic cylinders having different sizes and attachments.

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2. The advantages of FAROIL

FAROIL has the experience and manufacturing capacity to fully satisfy the demand for hydraulic cylinders of telehandler manufacturers. We have been working in partnership with telehandler manufacturers since the nineties and we know their needs very well.

Complete range

Telehandlers users need hydraulic cylinders of various types and sizes with a variety of different attachments. FAROIL is the right partner to supply all the hydraulic cylinder kits needed to complete the machine. We can customise materials and details, including painting, since this process is managed in-house. All this means more comfort and reliability for manufacturers.

Vibration resistance

The reliability and sealing of hydraulic cylinders are put to the test by the continuous vibrations. Telehandlers are called to operate on rough terrain, on which the welding, seals and materials of substandard cylinders can easily fail.

For high-strain conditions like these, we recommend high-quality steels and friction welding.

Shock resistance

When working on construction sites or open fields, rocks and rubble can easily strike the machine. Dents and scratches on the hydraulic cylinder rod can impair operation and tightness. To prevent this, we use special steels suited for the type of application and suggest tempering for maximum durability.


Constant vibrations and shocks


Dirty and dusty environments

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