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Hydraulic cylinders for Trailer axles

1. What is it?

The axle is a primary component of an agricultural trailer attached to the supporting frame and which transmits the load. It may include the suspension and braking system. It is a machine which can be placed in front or rear position.

Some axles fit hydraulic suspension which allow high comfort of use even on difficult ground and for this reason are increasingly often mounted on farming or construction site trailers to work better and more efficiently. The suspension system is operated by hydraulic cylinders installed in extremely challenging working conditions.

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Trailer axles

2. The advantages of FAROIL

For many years, FAROIL has been supplying hydraulic cylinders for axles to some of major world manufacturers. We capitalise on our deep knowledge of this application to prevent malfunctions guaranteeing excellent and constant performance with peerless reliability. Particularly in applications in which the products are continuously put to the test by the surrounding environment and by the particular working conditions.

Shock resistance

The hydraulic cylinders installed on axles work close to the ground and the tyres on heavy vehicles. This exposes the rods to strikes of rocks and rubble.

The deformations of the metal surface could compromise correct operation of the cylinder, and for this reason FAROIL chooses special steels suited for this type of application. Tempering further improves impact strength, making FAROIL hydraulic cylinders the go-to choice for this type of application.

Very high resistance to vibrations

The axle is positioned very close to the ground and is exposed to continuous strain and vibrations. Imperfect construction could lead to breakage or in extreme situations cause complete pull-out from the lining.

The quality of assembly and of welds is particularly important in these cases. All welding processes on FAROIL hydraulic cylinders are performed in-house in friction welding stations, robot welding stations and welding stations by specialised operators. The very high quality of the welding processes has always been one of the strengths of FAROIL.


Difficult and rough ground


Installation near the ground

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