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    Hydraulic cylinders for Road sweeper

    1. What is it?

    A road sweeper is a vehicle used by municipal companies worldwide to clear rubbish from squares and streets, aspirating litter and washing the road surface on the combined machines.

    The rotating brushes are lowered and raised and protruded outwards (when this option is fitted) by hydraulic cylinders located under the cab.

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    Road sweeper

    2. The advantages of FAROIL

    The design expertise of FAROIL allows us to tackle on technical level the specific needs of each application, offering a made-to-measure solution package. In this case, exceptional power or particularly high mechanical strength is not needed, but we must ensure compactness, accuracy and corrosion resistance.

    Aggressive atmosphere

    The work area of the hydraulic cylinders is a critical issue of the application. Often cylinders are enveloped in a mist of water and detergents which is aggressive for metals. To ensure maximum resistance to corrosion even for particular applications like these, we establish the optimum protection type with the customer.

    We can provide painting certificated for a lifetime of over 15 years (UNI EN ISO 12944-1) in C5-H environment or in industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere (UNI EN ISO 12944-6). Alternatively, we have galvanised cylinders. Our salt spray chamber is always running order to test our products.

    This allows us to test your sampling to the worst weather conditions and provide you with a detailed report on its resistance performance.

    Compact cylinders

    Anyone with experience in this type of applications is well aware that sweepers need compact hydraulic cylinders with modest rod strokes, sometimes in the order of just 10-15 mm.

    We have the know-how to provide cylinders of such small size and the solutions to optimise the occupied space by integrating with the other components according to the structure of the sweeper.


    Small overall dimensions


    Aggressive atmosphere

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