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Hydraulic cylinders for Flat freezer

1. What is it?

A plate freezer is a device for freezing and reducing volume of fish and shellfish to prepare for storage on high-sea fishing vessels in Arctic waters. The machine encloses the catch in a series of plates actuated by the movement of hydraulic cylinders.

The rapid reduction of temperature leads to the formation of blocks of frozen product extremely regular in shape which are easy to handle and store in cold cells in suitable conditions of safety.

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Flat freezer

2. The advantages of FAROIL

FAROIL has a specific experience in the various types of very critical working conditions. This allows us to give the best answer also to such a particular type of application, in which the technical know-how is a necessity.

Resistance to sea atmosphere

The marine environment is a natural enemy of metallic material and puts the resistance of hydraulic cylinders to the test. To maximise strength, we can supply cylinders totally made of stainless steel AISI 304, including the welding, that we accomplish with specific equipment for the melting of the stainless steel.

The painting process, performed entirely in-house, meets stringent quality standards which achieve "H" level durability, i.e. a lifetime of over 15 years (UNI EN ISO 12944-1) in C5-H environments and high-salinity coastal areas (UNI EN ISO 12944-6).

To ensure the highest level of all these properties, we have a sea spray test bench to simulate the worst weather conditions for each component and provide customers with detailed reports on product behaviour.

Suitable for low temperatures

Equipment for freezing installed on high-sea vessels operating in Arctic waters. Extreme working conditions which require specific design and an accurate choice of materials and components.

For example, the seals, which are one of the critical items at low temperature, are certified for operation at temperatures of down to -50°C.

High reliability

Repairing damaged equipment is difficult on high seas. Equipment on which the opportunity to preserve perishable catch depends. For this reason, the maximum reliability is required.

Choosing our hydraulic cylinders means guaranteeing work processes with the highest standards in the industry, proven by continuous tests. With our endurance stress test benches we can test samples of our products for up to 500,000 cycles entirely in-house.


Arctic temperatures


Aggressive marine atmosphere

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