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1. What is it?

A dumper is a heavy vehicle with a tipper body, normally used in quarries and mines or on construction sites to haul minerals and inert materials. The characterising element of the machine is the body, which on some models can tilt backwards and sideways.

The movement of the body is ensured by a hydraulic cylinder which supports the considerable effort required to lift the structure at full load. According to the assembly position, various types of cylinders can be used. Some manufacturers opt for compact telescopic solutions.

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2. The advantages of FAROIL

With thirty years of experience in the field, we know the needs of machines designed for the toughest jobs. Our hydraulic cylinders operate worldwide in critical conditions with heavy loads and tough climate conditions in terms of temperature and humidity.

Complete range

A dumper is a complex machine on which several types of hydraulic cylinders are installed, but in which the main role is assigned to the tilting body cylinder. In FAROIL, making cylinders with bore up to 200 mm has allowed us to meet the needs of construction of many sizes of dumpers.

We are one of the few manufacturers to perform the entire workflow directly in-house. This means we can supply the entire kit of hydraulic cylinders needed for building the machine with rapidity and high possibility of customisation, which translates into considerable management ease and savings for our customers.

High shock resistance

Dumpers work in quarries and construction sites exposing the cylinders to rocks and rubble every day. These can scratch and dent the rods and even compromise operation of the hydraulic cylinder in the worst cases.

The choice of high-strength steels and the tempering of the rod significantly reduce the likelihood of this type of problem occurring.


High power


Strikes of stones and gravel

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