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Hydraulic cylinders for Beam barrier

1. What is it?

A beam barrier is a structure provided with a movable beam which is controlled to regulate access and vehicular traffic. The beam, operated with an electronic system, can be up to 5-8 metres long.

The installation is fixed and requires stable operation 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with a high number of opening cycles. In most installations, the movement of the beam is permitted by a hydraulic cylinder connected to a lever system.

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Beam barrier

2. The advantages of FAROIL

FAROIL has operated in the road automation sector as a supplier to the major manufacturers of beam barriers for many years. Our customers enjoy high-quality customer service and very reliable products.

Reliability and responsiveness

The failure of a hydraulic cylinder poses a serious threat in many installations. Understandably, when lifting loads, safety devices must be provided to prevent falling in case of faults. One of the sectors most at risk is that of beam barriers, in which the failure to open could be fatal for a moving vehicle.

A beam barrier must always open on command, rapidly, 365 days a year on chilly winter nights and hot summer afternoons alike. This means reliability. Each FAROIL hydraulic cylinder is made with high-quality steel of certified origin and is always tested on the assembly line.

Personalised service

Our hydraulic cylinders are supplied to the customer exactly as agreed, to integrate seamlessly with their production line. This regards logistics and flushing, if required, to reduce the degree of contamination or the addition of accessories to speed up assembly at the manufacturer's plant.


365 days a year


High reliability and responsiveness

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