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Hydraulic cylinders for Wheel loader

1. What is it?

A wheel loader is a machine used for moving earth, sand or gravel on construction sites, often in particularly heavy duty conditions.

The characteristically large front loader of the machine can lift and move loads of considerable weight. Several hydraulic cylinders work on wheel loaders on the steering and secondary systems, but the main components are the ones dedicated to moving the loader to raise and rotate it. These hydraulic cylinders are large and capable of high flow rates.

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Wheel loader

2. The advantages of FAROIL

FAROIL has been supplying some of the major world earth-moving machine manufacturers since the early 1990s. They choose us for our expertise and the support we provide in design phase, as well as for our productive capacity that positions us among the best specialised plants in Europe.

Complete range

FAROIL can produce a very wide range of hydraulic cylinders with different features and size. In supplies such as those for wheel loaders, this allows us to supply complete cylinder kits to manufacturers, customised according to specifications and managed on logistic level to integrate seamlessly with the customer's assembly line.

Products span from small service and steering cylinders to 200 mm-bore cylinders for moving the loader.

Supplied ready for installation. We are unique in our ability to manage the entire workflow in-house, including friction welding and painting operations, which jobs are usually outsourced by most of our competitors. This allows us to ensure greater flexibility and rapidity.

High shock resistance

Wheel loaders work every day on difficult ground. This makes them susceptible to accidental shocks or to be struck by rocks which can be projected during the operations.

The risk is that cylinder rods can be damaged by dents and scratches, making them weaker and even compromising their operation. The use of certified high-quality steels and surface treatments allow us to provide superior products capable of tackling these working conditions.

Our welding department of excellence, with highly qualified operators and strict quality controls, ensures that our hydraulic cylinders can face the continuous vibrations to which they are subjected.


High power


Critical working environments

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